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AV and illumination integration have come a long way in the past few years. The right system is important in the commercial environment, whether that be a retail complex, dance club, restaurant, or resort hotel. More and more clients are needing these systems to reach out to their customers through paging, audio and video distribution, and digital signage accented by dynamic illumination and video walls. More often today they are reaching out to specialists to create systems that are both affordable and highly functional. At Sandor AVL Systems, we're proud to be the installation specialists clients are calling on. Our attention to detail surprises project managers in the architectural world and owners alike.

Paging Systems
Audio Distribution
Video Distribution
Video Walls
Digital Signage
Club Sound Systems
Custom Control Panels
Custom Control Apps
Dynamic Lighting

We take the time to do the work necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of our designs before the decisions are made. We never ask a client to invest in a design without showing them the results on paper. When it comes to launching projects on time and within budget, we make the difference.

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